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Hawkes launch party at the Hoxton Hotel

Early reports suggest summer will last until mid November in 2014 so we’re packing the cool bag now and getting set to flock off for the afternoon down London Fields.

If you care to join us, the drink of the day will be our East End neighbours Hawkes and their delicately concocted ginger beer, which infuses a few funky flaves to get you smiling while you sip.

With Kiwi and Mandarin, its refreshing and spicy making you want to glug it back and if you are screwed for an opener just twist to cap and you are away.

Sample for your sweet-selves at the Hawkes Ginger Beer Indoor Summer Party taking place at the Hoxton Hotel on Wednesday the 23rd of April from 7pm till Sunrise.

*invite only*




Psychic Burger Launch Party

You are what you’ve eaten and to dine on food of the future would give you a filling feeling enhancing the restaurant experience even further.

To test the boundaries even further, one of Dalston’s dishiest exports is heading North to launch a pop up of Royally High Standards this Spring.

Psychic Burger and their tasty trimmings are launching at the Old Queens Head, with an assortment of fancy fillings including Psychic sauce with the signature Psychic Sundae desert.

For free burgers, DJ’s & dancing, bottles of bubbly booze and space age size snacks fetch the 38 to the Psychic Burger Launch Party on Thursday the 24th of April from 6:30pm – 12:00 am.



Fairground London

Merriment with musical enjoyment, food, discussion and cultured influences looks set to brighten up the Kingsland Road this weekend with the launch of a new ten week takeover.

Fairground London will see a disused tower block transformed into a pleasure palace for eating, dancing, dinging and discussion.

The team behind Street Feast have created an adult playground with daytime refreshment in the form of street food, workshops and seminars for learning and influence with DJ’s ripping up a party as night falls.

The opening weekend will see a scrumptious Oriental takeover to celebrate the Thai New Year Festival with cocktail masterclasses and Chang Beer Fooseball Tables.

Fairground London 10 weekend takeover is running from Saturday April 12th to Sunday June 15th at 260 – 264 Kingsland Road.

Saturday 10am – 3am
Sunday 10am – 11pm



Happy Hour at Translate Bar

Tourists in the East spend around £90 per day while out galavanting so we’ve been told by the world renowned Dictionary Hostel, its good news thus that one and all can get more for our funds on Kingsland Road.

Translate Bar, situated at 10 – 20 are running an intercontinental happy hour spanning multiple time zones, to get you more fluid, fluent, and conversing across cultures.

Between 4pm – 9pm they’ve got selected beers for £3 cocktails for £4.50 and £5 off a bottle of house wine.

You can book a table, order food and if you get really trollied even stay the night at Translate Bar, 10 – 20 Kingsland Road. Ask for Karl and tell him ours is a double #Hoxton



Eyre Brothers review Nik Speller

Think of Shoreditch and think of meat by the bucketfull, pop-up stalls in car parks, hotels selling coffee, and a mile of Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road.

The idea of fine dining is something held further north amongst the pushchairs of Angel or further South amongst the suits of Moorgate. But there are actually plenty of places offering polished silver, black shirted waiters, proper wooden tables, and natural light – Eyre Brothers is one such place. A smart Iberian (read tapas) restaurant on Leonard Street, you’re best visiting when someone else is paying and when you’ve planned a stereotypically Spanish afternoon.

Visiting at lunchtime and hearing a pin or two drop in the restaurant, the bar seems the best place for this agoraphobe. Here you can choose from a short tapas menu that features such delights as slow cooked pig cheeks in red wine. The desire to simply stop there and order five of those dishes is a difficult one to repress, but then they do also have casseroled belly pork two rungs down, so it’s a good idea to read on.

The meal can be slightly stodgy if you order before the bread basket arrives. The small white rolls are moorish and perfect for wiping around the finished casseroles, soaking up every last drop of the fatty, tomatoey, garlicky goodness. Even after the sobrasada (pork paste on toast) and the pa amb tomaquet (tomatoes on toast), just one more roll was needed to finish wiping each dish clean.

Pork isn’t actually mandatory at Eyre Brothers and the delicate anchovies, fried peppers, and prawns provided a good palate cleanser between each mouthful of meat. As does a small sip of sherry – that afternoon siesta looking ever more tempting. The prawns arrived nestled between strands of green plants, which I managed to knock deftly aside.

I presume this garnish was purely decorative. The boquerones (anchovies) were slightly more challenging, my fat clumsy fingers struggling to retrieve the breakable fish without picking up the accompanying garlic and walnuts – both non-meats, but they tasted surprisingly good.

A place like Eyre Brothers, with it’s refined dishes, crisp white napkins, and lack of craft ale shows that Shoreditch can offer cuisine above that of the half-foot burger, the bucket of diablo wings, and child-sized steak. It’s a taste of things to come, possibly, as the suits from the City edge ever closer to the trendy trendy streets of Silicon Roundabout.



Cat & Mutton Opening Friday

One of Broadway Market’s most bustling boozers looks set to reopen once again this week, after a winter touch up and new pumps, the Cat & Mutton will be serving again this Friday.

Under new management, they’ve also put a load of stuffed animal heads on the wall and the once mystical upstairs has been transformed into a salubrious cocktail bar.

With a new grassy knoll out front, congregations of well dressed and immaculately mannered influential Eastenders will also be able to dine on Lucky Chip Burgers in the kitchen.

The Cat & Mutton is open for business this Friday the 11th of April on Broadway Market with last orders being served once everyone’s had enough.



Hackney Meringue Girls in Chelsea


The Hackney based Meringue Girls, Alex and Stacey, are stepping out of the safe surroundings of our East to the more posh West.

Teaming up with the girls, the Cheyne Walk Brasserie in Chelsea have created a yummy afternoon tea, starring (what else?) the meringues.

The Brasserie offers a choice between a normal afternoon tea and a champagne afternoon tea. Both are served with the tastiest pastries, sandwiches and tarts.

Prices start at a sweet £19,50

Cheyne Walk Brasserie
50 Cheyne Walk
London SW3 5LR


Check In Tuesday’s at the Hoxton Pony

To get us all Gee’d up and ready to ride the Grand National this weekend, your friendly neighborhood cocktail bar are offering liker’s and lovers free treats this week down the Curtain Road.

Check In Tuesday’s at the Hoxton Pony is an easy ride: Check in on Facebook or Twitter with #HoxtonPony and get a Free Cocktail.

Their expansive menu of summer time sipping’s, are curated and crafted by some of the best barista’s in the capital to get you over the early week furlong.

Check In Tuesday’s at the Hoxton Pony begin this Tuesday the 1st of April at the Hoxton Pony from 5pm until Midnight.



Urban Food Fest

Appetites for destruction will be satisfied and tantilised by all manor of culinary concoxions, from makeshift shacks, stalls and temporary trailers as service is called on Shoreditch High Street.

After keeping the capital sufficiently stuffed last summer, Urban Food Fest is back to dish up a vast array of plates, bites, snacks and sliders from the tastiest traders on the scene.

Orgainsed by the aptly titled Tucker family, dine down on burgers, pizza’s and scotch eggs, devour craft beers, cider and prosecco and finish on doughnut chips, macaroons and crepes.

Urban Food Fest is running from Saturday the 12th of April until solstice Saturday the 21st of June from 5pm until midnight at 162-175 Shoreditch High Street.



Portside Parlour sails to Shoreditch

A secret selection of fine crafted cocktails and spirits is heading to Rivington Street this spring, to create you a new drinking experience.

Portside Parlour lays hidden in an underground bunker on Broadway Market inviting only those inside who know the ‘secret knock’

Inside, their candle lit lair is stacked with potions and concoction, specially designed to tickle and French kiss your evening with fruity twists, and mind altering premonitions.

The new setting will bring the same mystique and charm to downtown Shoreditch when Portside Parlour casts anchor at 14 Rivington Street. EC2A 3DU.


Portside Parlour