KK Outlet In Passing

City dwellers and mischievous seamstresses alike will take joy in the latest exhibition from Hoxton Square’s KK Outlet.

They are putting on the first solo show of French photographer Franck Allais who takes simple concepts and gives them a va va voom tweak. With two show’s he presents:

‘Subverting The City’ is a collection of images of drably dressed businessmen from waist up, donned in skirts and high hells on the lower half.

‘In Passing’ is a series of branding messages suspended in mid air seemingly left by invisible passing traffic, there’s also a video to accompany the works.

Subverting the City and In Passing by Frank Allais opens its doors on the first First Thursday of 2013 on the 7th of February at the KK Outlet Hoxton Square.

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