Accent Magazine Issue #6 Launch at KK Outlet

A photographic exploration of unique and individual tales get set to be put on display in Hoxton Square this August, as KK Outlet welcomes in the work of Accent Magazine.

The Issue #6 Launch will see a collaboration of fifty images depicting the lives of those who dare to buck the conventions of their surroundings.

We’ll see life on the road in America through the eyes of those who dwell on the streets, modern stigma’s against Eastern Europeans explored and the intimate tales of an 85 year old Grandmother untold.

Accent Magazine Issue #6 Launch opens on #FirstThursdays the 7th of August at KK Outlet, Hoxton Square.




The Set Up at KK Outlet


Every day we are faced with the most beautiful images of women, we all know they are photoshopped, but do we know all the other dark sides of fashion?

The exhibition ‘The Set Up’ is inspired by the more sinister sides of the fashion industry, like the ideals that are set by the industry to which women can never live up to.

The Set Up is a group show, exhibiting work of Lydia Garnett, Emily Stein, Isabelle Wenzel begins on #FirstThursdays the 7th of March running until Saturday the 29th at KK Outlet.

For more information click here.

KK Outlet
42 Hoxton Square
N1 6PB London


By @FloravdBerg


KK Santa Designer Outlet

The KK Outlet are shaping up to keep your wallet well stocked and your tummy full, with Santa’s Designer Outlet heading to their space in the square this December.

With the price of bit coins soaring on the open market The Poundshop will fill the shelves with artistic creations from £1 – £5 to keep your xmas stockings floating.

To keep you gloating will be the F.A.T cafe with their infamous cheese sandwich range, plus a special festive menu of treats to eat in or flutter away.

The KK Santa Designer Outlet’ will be taking Christmas wish list orders from #FirstThursdays the 5th of December at 7pm, Hoxton Square.



Anthony Burrill I Like It, What Is It? KK Outlet

KK Outlet are getting geared up for their next opening which will feature the work of graphic artist Anthony Burrill who is launching his new book I Like It, What Is It?

The show of the same name will feature his classic letterpress type faces and simple slogans which give the spectator a profound and playful viewing.

Ever the friend of the earth, his 2010 piece Oil and Water Do Not Mix used discarded BP produce which washed up in the gulf and made a mess of the American coast.

Catch Anthony Burrill exhibiting pictures from his new book I Like IT, What Is It? Opening on First Thursday 7th November at KK Outlet, Hoxton Square.

@KKOutlet @AnthonyBurrill

OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX from Anthony Burrill on Vimeo.

Ezekiel 36:36 at KK Outlet

Assume Crash Position for the next opening at KK Outlet as they welcome the work of Nick Ballon who has been photographing aeroplanes.

In particular the aeroplanes of Lloyd Aero Boliviano (LAB) and their battle to stay in the sky and flying high since 1925 despite many corrupt decisions from big wigs at the top.

LAB have just the one plane left in the fleet and rely on the generous work of 180 unpaid staff who have stayed loyal to the country’s wonder wings.

Photo’s from the book Ezekiel 36:36 by Nick Ballon will be on display at KK Outlet on First Thursday the 1st of August till Saturday the 31st.

Those with a fear of flying should probably take a Boris Bike.

July First Thursday in Pictures

We began at The Vyner Street Gallery on, Vyner Street featuring the works of graduates from the University of Huddersfield.

In this first picture we are sitting on a beanbag with some headphones of people giggling admiring the rest of the exhibition.

Andy Murray is Massive in Huddersfield, often when bands can’t make the hectic run of Freshers Week Parties the British Number One often steps in.

In this picture we are sitting on the 1st floor of the Vyner Street Gallery, to our left we gaze a Golden London Sky, to the right some rather fetching carpentry. Another audio installation we’re listening to morphed chants from a football match, the team in question is Leeds United. We’ve checked with the sports guys and there happens to be a popular soccer chant of ‘We All Hate Leeds’ while in the Art world we rather like them.

 With several gold stars to their names, the London & Newcastle gallery on Redchurch Street is looking in solid position to take the crown in 2013 for the most encapsulation performance.

This month the whole gallery is dressed in the scribing of Steven Walter who has created loads of huge maps of London’s capital city. In them he’s tweaked with a few of the place names, added a few of his own and created a new city within the city.

The above etcha sketch was part of around 20 separate framed drawings mounted on the wall which shows London as the world. The city is surrounded by sea’s with Esher a mere island floating alongside.

This is a picture of many people looking at the collection of pictures of London World. Next we went to KK Outlet who have entered into a Lib-Lab Con-Dem coalition with Motto Books of Berlin so we stopped for a bit out front to see which party we’d swing for.

From First Thursday August you’ll see Motto in Berlin stocked from head to toe in KK Outlet creations so if you fancy a stay-cation on the continent then head to Germany where you’ll feel right at Hoxton.

This picture in their secret back room proved popular with many bands in particular the Ordinary Boys where lead singer Preston was seen gazing after spending an early evening drink at the Electricty Showrooms with his boys will be boys. We continued to follow him for the rest of the night and will tell you where he went next after you follow Friday.

First Thursday is a monthly celebration of Art across the East, its organised by Time Out and the Whitechapel Gallery. Over 150 venues take part, everyone is welcome and there are free drinks throughout so check back in on August One for some #FirstThursdays fun.

Motto at KK Outlet

KK Outlet are doing a pen pal type foreign exchange and getting out of Shoreditch for their next show, while bringing in the styles of Berlin based bookshop Motto.

They will be displaying a hand picked selection of limited edition prints, books, writing, monographs and periodicals.

From August you’ll be able to catch KK Outlet taking over Downtown Berlin with a range of work from their agency and gallery.

Motto in London will be hanging at KK Outlet from First Thursday the 4th of July till Saturday 27th.

Mr Bingo Hate Mail at KK Outlet

People were qued round the square to check out Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail exhbition at KK Outlet last night with the first lucky pluckers to enter the gallery getting creds for their own personal hate postcard from the artist.

Perhaps the most entertaining and packed we’ve ever seen it.

Great #FirstThursdays vibes all around in the Shoreditch Sunshine – with a musical performance plus some lovely Icelandic Landscapes on show at the Degree Art Gallery on Vyner Street. London and Newcastle on Redchurch Street had some really teasing and testing hanging installations which changed and morphed in the light and the Printspace were hanging a fascinating selection of wrestler / forest / sexual scenes in very high definition.

But the pick of the bunch and certainly worth a stroll through full sober was Mr Bingo at the award winning KK Outlet:


Mr Bingo Hate Male at KK Outlet

KK Outlet get ready to tease your tested patience with their next exhibition where they’ll be saying all the twisted tongue tied wild words in your head, you wish you’d said when you get mad.

Mr Bingo Hate Mail Exhibition features the cutting childish insults a heated argument spurns written onto small postcards for you to cltr alt store for the next time you get challenged.

The Shoreditch based artist began by sending a postcard to a stranger called Jonathan Hopkins with a tirade of expletives. The craze caught on and now strangers pay him to send them post cards with demeaning insults?

If this pseudo slurring turns you on or tickles your fancy then you can get your hands on a personalized insult postcard by being one of the first 60 guests through the door on the night and bringing £40.00 cash for the privilege.

Mr Bingo Hate Male Exhibition opens on first Thursday the 6th of June from 7pm running till Saturday the 29th.

Heads & Bodies at KK Outlet

The KK Outlet in Hoxton Square are getting ready to celebrate heads, shoulders, knee’s and toes for their next exhibition featuring the work of Wilfrid Wood.

The former graphic designer learnt his craft making 3D models for Spitting Image and has carried on twisting reality in his own crafting’s.

He builds characters that are sharp funny and also disturbing with a sense of humour to twist your views of some popular showbiz faces.

He’ll be joined by Outsider artist John Croft who will hosting Icons which is a collection of colourful images inspired by music and cartoons.

Wilfred Wood ‘Heads & Bodies’ an John Croft ‘Icons’ opens on First Thursday the 2nd of May at the award winning KK Outlet on Hoxton Square.